Women’s Congress

The goal from the first to the fourth congress was to reaffirm and share the common goal and solidarity to build a platform for “rest” and “networking.”

Prospera, International Network of Women’s Funds

Prospera is a network formed by independently registered women’s funds. Prospera strengthens, supports, and connects member women’s funds, and leverage opportunities to transform the funding landscape for women, girls, and trans* people. Women’s funds are key agents of change; they partner with grassroots organizations and movements to provide them with access to resources, expertise, and structural support. Prospera’s network brings the knowledge and impact of 44 international, regional, and national women’s funds. Each year, Prospera’s members mobilize an average of $120 million and provide over 2,800 grants to women’s organizations across 177 countries. The Korea Foundation for Women (KFW) is an active member of Prospera and also a representative member of Asia & the Pacific region.