Gender Equality Grant

The Foundation supports women activist groups to create gender-equal society and culture by challenging institutional and cultural discrimination against women.

· Gender Equality Project – supports women’s groups and next-generation feminist activities
· Emergency Support Project – timely and effective responses to urgent women’s issues

Women’s Right Grant

The Foundation supports socially and economically vulnerable women and girls for their social empowerment, self-reliance and networking proficiency.

· Bombit Scholarship Fund Project – supports university tuition for women who are former sex workers
· Women’s Health Support Project – supports medical costs for women household and activists
· Cheer Up, Daughters! Campaign – supports the provision of sanitary napkins for the menstrual health of female youth

Women’s Empowerment Grant

The Foundation helps strengthen the capacities of women NGO activists and women from vulnerable backgrounds as they face new challenges and grow from them.

· Women Leaders Making Change – funding for grassroots activists, feminist artists and cultural creators
· Yuhan-Kimberly Women’s NGO Scholarship Project – supports postgraduate scholarship in women’s studies and network-building for female NGO activists
· Short Trip, Long BreathⅡ- fostering feminist ecosystem of women’s groups and collective well-being

Diversity and Caring Society Grant

The Foundation supports projects that promote respect for diversity in gender, class, race, and generation, and enhance people’s capacity to esteem and care for each other.

· Mom-Up Project / With Mom Project – support for single mothers rearing children
· My Future, My Business Ⅲ – economic independence and skill development for migrant women business in Korea
· Empowerment Project for single-parent migrant women
· Leadership Project for migrant women activists and groups
· YOUTH POWER Scholarship Project – empowering education for young women students from multicultural families
· Gosarison Fund Support Project – supports girl’s education in Asia-Africa countries