Gender Equality Fund

The Gender Equality Fund is the very representative fund of the Foundation to support the gender equality grants for women’s organizations across the country. Since 2003, the Korea Foundation for Women has been carrying on gender equality fundraising campaign (100 Donation Relay) to raise awareness of gender equality and women’s human rights in Korean civil society and to spread a culture of giving. More than a thousand people participated in the campaign every year.


The W-Fund is the core support fund for the Foundation’s organizational empowerment and sustainablity as an unique national women’s fund in Korea. Each year since its founding on December 6, 1999, the Foundation has been commemorating its founding anniversary to express special gratitude to our donors and raise W-Fund on this special occasion.

SOS Fund

The Save Our Safety (SOS) Fund aims to create a social environment where women and children are safe and free from violence. It supports grant programs to prevent violence against women, sexual and domestic violence and to help victims recover and return to daily life.

Women’s Health Fund

The Women’s Health Fund promotes that women’s health and right are important gender-related human right issues rooted in social environmental factors. Funded by regular individual donations it supports medical expenses and health resilience for female heads-of-household and women NGO activists who are in the blind spot of health care.

Gosarison Fund

The Gosarison(Little Hands) Fund supports basic human rights of education for girls and children who cannot afford to complete school due to economic hardship in developing country of Asia and Africa. It contributes empowering school girls and children through gender awareness education against gender-based violence and harmful customs such as child marriage. The Gosarison fund specially promotes a giving culture of children under the age of 19 matched by adults.

Corporate Fund

Corporate fund is designated fund in partnership with the Korea Foundation for Women for grant-making to co-create a gender-equal, sustainable, diversity and inclusive society in Korea. Corporate donations are given in various forms from local and global corporations and it supports more than 70% of the grants every year.

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