• Ok Ryul KIM
    Former President, Sookmyung University
  • Yoon Jeong PARK
    Chairperson, Esmode Seoul
  • Hoo Jung YOON
    Former Honorary President, Ewha Womans University
  • Gil Ya LEE
    President, Gachon University
  • Yun Sook LEE
    Former President, Korea Association for Community Education
  • Hye Gyeong Lee
    Former Chairperson, Korea Foundation for Women
  • I Sook CHUNG
    Former Chairperson, Ewha Haktang Foundation
  • Hyoung CHO
    Former Chairperson, Korea Foundation for Women
  • Pilwha CHANG
    Chairperson, Korea Foundation for Women
  • Hyo Seon KIM
    CEO, The Women’s News
  • Ok Hee PARK
    Chairperson, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries
  • Dae-Wook, BANG
    Chairman, Daum Foundation
  • Chang-Jae SHIN
    CEO, Kyobo Life Insurance
  • Hyunseok Oh
    Head, Public Management Institute
  • Kwang Hee LEE
    CEO, Leekwanghee Boutique
  • Soo Hyung LEE
    Professor, Hanyang Cyber University
  • Chol Soon RHIE
    Executive Director, Korea Hope Foundation
  • Yoon-Ok HWANG
    Director, Haja Center
  • Gui Soon KIM
    Senior Tax Attorney, Bumin
  • In-Sun SEOK
    Professor, Ewha Womans University