Grants for Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

It is the KFW’s primary funding program to support women’s NGOs which address gender-discriminatory practices and customs, violence against women and girls, women’s representation and other feminist issues. Every year 12-14 projects are selected and supported.

The KFW also supports urgent and important issues regarding women and society, in response to specific needs brought up by women’s NGOs.

Support for Women’s Health

‘Hope to Mothers’ Health Support Project is a project that funds health-related costs for single mothers and women breadwinners and their children.

‘Choi Myung Sook Fund’ was established in commemoration of a former activist at ‘Korean Womenlink’ who passed away from cancer in 2009. This project has been funding treatment for woman activists with cancer since 2011.

Grants for Diversity and Multi-cultural Society

Home-Visit Project for Immigrant Women funds marriage migrants’ to visit their home countries with their families. It provides opportunities for migrant women to see their families and for their husbands and children to understand more about their wives’ and mothers’ country and culture.

Immigrant Women’s ‘Start Happiness Project’ helps women to adjust to Korean society. This project helps them in building their capacities, participating in various jobs, and becoming active members of their local communities.

Mentoring for Bicultural/bilingual Children

‘Hope Mentoring’ is a one-to-one mentoring program for children of inter-racial couples. Mentors help children to form wholesome identities and find positive aspects from their multicultural backgrounds.

‘We Are Global Leaders! I Can Do!’ is a mentoring program that aims to cultivate leadership, and to provide bicultural opportunities to develop their own vision. Through family programs and case studies, the mentor program raises sensitivities towards multiculturalism within local communities, and strengthens the functions of multicultural families.

‘Wings of Hope’ Group Activity for Cultural Diversity project helps multicultural communities to develop cultural sensitivity toward immigrant women. KFW hopes for immigrant women to become the principal agents of cultural communication and exchange within Korean society. Migrant women are currently taking parts in various activities such as choir, group dance, musical, children’s story telling, nanta, and cooking.


Support for Socially Disadvantaged Women

Unmarried Mothers’ Support Project is to empower an economically, socially, and culturally neglected group in Korean society. The KFW funds to improve unmarried mothers’ lives by changing social perception towards them, to promote their rights, to support them in achieving economic independence, and to empower them to grow into active citizens.

Bom-Bit (Lights of Spring) Scholarship Program began in 2012 to support the ex-sex workers who resume their undergraduate/graduate studies. It ultimately helps them rehabilitate and achieve independence in society.


Support for Women’s Leadership Enhancement

NGO Women Scholarship Program funds and educates women activists in local NGOs. It cultivates woman activists’ awareness, leadership, and capacities.

Woman NGO Capacity Building Support Project provides woman NGO activists and woman NGOs with grants for capacity building to sustain their activities and spirit. ‘Short Journey, Long Breath’ is a program particularly designed to provide relaxation and leisure for woman activists.

Funding for Social Caring Initiatives

Social Caring Support aims to help to rebuild caring local communities, by providing professional and trustworthy child care services to low-income families and promoting safe and sustainable communities.